About Us


Creative Labor & Technologies (aka CL-TEC) is a veteran-owned, family business. We specialize in everything from handyman tasks, custom work, and technology consulting to advanced IT solutions. Our aim is to deliver a unique and transformational service experience to every business, resident, and homeowner in the Tampa Bay area. Click here to see the services that we offer and their rates.

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction. A happy customer is the best investment. Our handymen are equipped with matchless professional skills – allowing them to complete different jobs indoors and outdoors. Our work is always backed up by deep and thorough research of the matter along with years of experience.

From fixing broken floors to making general repairs, mounting TVs, pressure washing, or completing any other job, CL-TEC’s handymen can deliver outstanding service. You can sit back and relax as our experienced professionals employ their polished skills to improve and fix your domestic environment. All the handymen at CL-TEC are equipped with innovative tools required to fix almost anything in your home. We always listen to our customers and align our priorities with their needs before picking up our tools. Therefore, CL-TEC can be your solution to all types of commercial and home improvement services.

Our Vision

We pride ourselves on being a family-owned business.

Our vision is to establish a resonating legacy as a business built upon the foundation of truth, professionalism, wisdom, quality, customer satisfaction, and mutual understanding. While solving problems for our clients and community, we also want to garner relationships and friendships that will stand the test of time. We aim to become a one-stop-shop for everything that requires human intervention, labor, or expertise.

If you need a service or consultation that you can’t find on our website, please feel free to contact us. You won’t be disappointed.

Why work with us?

  • Expertise: We have extensive experience in every service that we offer! Our mission is to transform the delivery of custom labor and expertise. So people can hire the experts they need, without having to shop around.
  • One-stop-shop: In a domestic environment, jobs just keep springing up out of nowhere! You’ve just finished one, and you find out that another is ready to occupy you. With CL-TEC, you don’t have to look for a new company to provide a different service. We offer a range of services – and everything from handyman jobs to technology and IT consultations.
  • Transparency: Being a family-owned business, the Tampa Bay area is our playground and our hometown. We are a local business built upon the foundation of transparency and customer satisfaction. We will never take your money and leave you dissatisfied with our service results.
  • Want to know more about us? Keep reading.

Our leadership

Lumar Bodden is the owner and founder of CL-TEC.

After serving his country in the Navy for years on end, he took up employment as a computer scientist with the government. But he also enrolled in and completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management around the same time.


His varied and extended experience with leadership and dedication in the Navy, technical expertise, business acumen, and studies, along with family’s involvement, led to CL-TEC’s initial ideation.

Our story

It started as a family business amid the coronavirus pandemic. The idea quickly grew into a portfolio of services that we offer in the Tampa Bay area. We now are the go-to service outlet for everything that requires labor and technology expertise.


Our range of handyman and technology services include – yard clean up, junk removal, general cleaning, mulching, pressure washing, custom work, tile work installation, general repairs, computer installation and repair, data recovery, home networking, and home automation technologies like Google Nest Hub, Amazon Echo, Sonos One, etc.

We plan to add other advanced IT solutions and services to our offering soon. We are also skilled in web development and maintenance, app development, video editing, and website creation.

Kevo Smart Lock

Our Colors

Gold – “Gold is often linked with the shade of brown and yellow. It is also connected with extravagance, compassion, illumination, love, wisdom, courage, passion, and magic.”

Navy Blue – “Navy blue is one of the mostly widely used shades of blue in history and around the world. The meaning of navy blue resonates with many different cultures as well as a color of strength, reliability, bravery, stability, honor, and power. It is often associated with the Navy, sailing, water, and the ocean.”

Our call: To the community

Will you help us grow and expand our services?


We are a family business transforming the delivery of custom labor, technical home services, and other services on your property. We are raising funds to buy equipment, licenses, and advertising. Would you consider a small contribution this month to help us with the startup cost? We will greatly appreciate your support. 

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Our love: Babi

Babi is our mascot and service dog. She is a seven-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix that comes on some service appointments. You can also request her! And coming soon — Check out our YouTube channel for Babi’s video series.


Babi was born on a farm in a rural area of Pennsylvania. She was the “odd-ball” in the litter of puppies. Her brothers and sisters were all white. Babi is skittish but very well behaved. The tricks she knows are sit, stay, down, kiss, come, jump, stand up, and twirl.


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