CL-TEC Services

$80 per room standard cleaning. Estimate available for custom cleaning.

Local delivery within Pinellas County or Manatee County. Item must fit in a standard pickup truck.

General Repairs
General home and property repairs.

Install Flooring
Estimate available

Junk Removal
Removal of junk using a standard pickup truck or a standard pickup truck with a trailer. Disposal fee included.

Mobile Welding
Mobile welding service

Mount TV
TV mounting service

Pressure Washing
Estimate available. Residential pressure washing service up to one story.

Replace Tile Work
Estimate available

Decorations Help

Custom Work
Build your own labor service. Includes any type of custom work. Price varies based on actual work.

Online virtual estimates are available through Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype.

Gutter Cleaning
Gutter cleaning for a one-story home.

Install Tile Work
Estimate available

Lawn Mowing
Lawn mowing service. 1/4 an acre, 1/2 an acre, or one acre.

Moving Help
Local help with moving

Mulching labor

Replace Flooring
Estimate available

Yard Cleanup
Yard cleanup service. 1/4 an acre, 1/2 an acre, or one acre. Raking, bagging, weeding, debris removal, and cleanup.

50% Off Any Service
All Orders Starting from $1

10% senior discount on all services. Individuals 55 years and older. Discounts can be combined.

Handyman Services

Maintaining your home or workplace can be a real struggle when you have a busy schedule. It’s never easy to get everything done on time when you are the only one taking all the workload. CL-TEC can make it easier for you by providing various cleaning, repair, and home improvement services offered by professional handymen.

When you book any service with CL-TEC, you know who is coming to perform the service. Our transparent pricing method keeps you notified of all the charges. We stand out as a family-owned business with a reputation of transparency and honesty.

“stop procrastinating and putting it off; get it done TODAY with CL-TEC professional handyman services.”

Give us a call, and let’s get the job done to give you peace of mind!

Our professionals can perform services that include –

Gutter Cleaning

Blocked gutters can cause severe damage to the infrastructure of your home if not cleaned on time. They can cause water to seep into the construction and damage it. In some cases, it can also seep into the foundation of your home, leading to a severe problem.

Get it cleaned by CL-TEC’s experienced and skilled professionals to avoid any possible damage to your beautiful home. We can clear all the debris from your gutters and ensure proper water flow. Our job is to quickly clean the gutters, take all the residue away, and dispose of it properly.

Get that nagging problem off your plate today and hire CL-TEC to give you a safe and clean surrounding at an affordable price.

Home and Commercial Cleaning Service

A busy schedule leaves little time for cleaning and other household chores. Nobody likes to live with dirty floors, unsanitary bathrooms, or greasy kitchen cabinets.

Book cleaning services with CL-TEC and get the dust, dirt, and grime off today!

Our efficient crew can clean your place in just a few hours. From kitchen sinks to bathroom floors, dirty grills, and dusty furniture – we can take care of everything.

Junk Removal

Useless items can sometimes take up a lot of space in your house. Whether you’re moving out or want to do some spring cleaning, we can get all the junk out of your home.

Junk can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Prevent unwanted stress by contacting CL-TEC handyman services to get rid of all the trash.


Do you know what kind of mulch is best for your garden?

Mulching is essential for the healthy growth of your plants. It ensures that they are adequately nourished.

If not done the proper way or at the right time, it will lead to an imbalance in the soil’s nutrients. Even over mulching can suffocate your plants, stealing the beauty of your garden.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance mulch or want the best suitable mulch for your garden, call CL-TEC. We can take all the trouble off your plate and make sure that the beauty of your garden is retained. Our expert staff will add the right amount of mulch to your garden, depending on the seasonal variations.

Allow us to help you keep your soil fertile and your plants nourished around the year – keeping your garden in its best shape all the time.

Pressure washing

Have you been thinking of cleaning your outdoor space, including your porch, deck, driveway, lawn, boat, and RV, with a pressure washer? Are you unsure about approaching the task on your own, afraid that you might contact some hazard?

Pressure washing is not complicated. Still, if done improperly, it can cause significant damage. Broken fences or windows could result from trying to pressure wash on your own.

Also, you don’t have to spend your whole day with the pressure washing machine. Book pressure washing services with CL-TEC and save yourself some time and hassle. Our professionals know the proper PSI and GPM needed to take care of all types of stains. We have the right machines plus the right expertise for any surface.

Allow us to help you blast away the dust and dirt off of your outdoor surfaces with the help of a pressure washer. Book your pressure washing session today and see the results for yourself!

Yard Cleanup

Need to take care of a littered yard? No need to procrastinate or undertake a lot of hassle on your own.

CL-TEC professionals will blow away the debris from your yard in no time.

When you book a yard cleanup service with us, our staff will show up equipped with the right gear.

Our yard clean up service involves lawn mowing, clearing leaves and branches, proper re-edging of flower beds, and debris composting.

Fall yard cleanup is a must-do before the snow freezes everything!

Get a free quote on our yard cleanup service by providing just a few details.

General Repairs

Save yourself from the inconvenience and get the much-needed repairs done by CL-TEC!

Be it broken furniture or leaking faucets, our experienced and competent handymen can fix your broken fixtures and other items in no time.

Give us a call and let us know what needs fixing – we will give you an economical and quick solution to everything!

Easy Moving Assistance

Are you planning to move to a new place? Get moving assistance from CL-TEC. From packaging your goods to assembling them at your new home, we can take care of everything with the help of skilled and strong hands.

Our experienced staff will get all your furniture and goods wrapped and packed safely with special care observed with fragile items.

We will unpack your items, assemble them, and help you get a stress-free moving experience. You don’t have to load it all up in a disorderly manner and tire yourself trying to unpack and reassemble everything!

Just give us a call and try us!

Floor remodeling and repair

Flooring isn’t a task that can be undertaken by just anyone. Hire flooring veterans from CL-TEC and get your new floor installed today!

With years of experience and matchless skills, our handymen can deliver high-quality repair work.

Get a free estimate by booking an appointment.


Do you want to install new tiles? It requires time and skill and is challenging to do without the proper experience. Get the perfect tile pattern of your choice with CL-TEC’s tile installation service. Be it floor tiling or countertop tile installation, our experienced handymen can work according to your requirements to get the job done.

Booking a tile installation service with us will assure quality work and save you time.

Schedule your appointment online or over the phone.

TV mounting

Make your TV easier to watch and more exciting by mounting it on the wall. It can help you reduce furniture as well, letting you enjoy a more spacious living room.

Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry; we are here with the solution to your problem. Our professionals will drive the screws perfectly to mount your TV on any surface. Be it a wooden wall or a concrete one. We have the right tools to mount it hassle-free.

We can also help you choose the perfect mount for your TV. Step up your television watching experience today by calling CL-TEC for a TV mounting service!