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Six Clear-Cut Warning Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Change Your Door Lock


Door locks are arguably the most critical part of your door. Their ineffectiveness could quickly render the door, no matter how strong it is, useless. Security is a vital aspect of your home. A faulty door lock could easily expose your home and property to confiscation, intrusion, and theft. Door locks, just like most of the other household appliances, are bound to wear and tear over time after prolonged use. A technician can readily repair damage to locks. However, some cases call for total replacement.

Here are some of the clear-cut warning signs that indicate it’s time to change your door lock.

1. The door lock appears loose

Are your doorknobs and locks lose every time you insert your key to open your doors? If so, this is a clear indicator that your door locks can be easily confiscated; hence they should be replaced with immediate effect.

2. Your house was recently broken into

If your house were recently broken into, it could mean your door locks are ineffective. This is especially true if the intruders used some tool to twist your door lock. You, therefore, need to replace your locks urgently; otherwise, you risk another intrusion.


3. It isn’t easy to insert the key into the lock

Remember the days when your door lock was brand new? You probably did not have to exert much force on the lock with your keys for the door to open. Door locks are designed to operate seamlessly, whereby the lock opens with very minimal twisting of the designated keys. Suppose your door lock takes too much time and effort to open. In that case, it could signify dust accumulation in the locks, leading to malfunctioning lock parts. At this point, your lock is already nearing its service end.

4. An unauthorized person has your spare keys

We all have been here before; you had a friend or lover stay in your house, but then things went sour, and hence you don’t stay together anymore. Suppose your previous roommate had spare keys to your place. In that case, he/she could quickly come to your home and confiscate your property. As such, it would be prudent to change your entire door lock altogether.

5. There is rust on your door lock

Locks are usually made of metals susceptible to rust formation due to an attack by harsh atmospheric conditions. Rust appears as a brown coating on metal parts and could easily be detrimental to your locks’ effectiveness by loosening the locking elements.


6. Your locks open way too easily

As much as door locks are supposed to open smoothly, there are cases whereby the lock opens by merely pulling, without even inserting the key. This is probably the clearest warning sign that you need to replace the door lock immediately.


The importance of security in your home cannot be emphasized enough, hence the need for undivided attention to your doors’ efficiency. If your door locks are henceforth faulty, then the overall security of your home dwindles and exposes your property to intrusion and theft. To ensure your home’s safety, it’s subsequently prudent to check on your door locks’ effectiveness. The warning signs outlined above could readily help you identify whether your locks need replacement to maintain reliability.

Do your door locks show any of these outlined signs?

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Date: November 27, 2020
Author: Chris M.

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