Prep Your Home for Sale

How to Prep Your Home for Sale


Selling a home takes a lot of hard work. You have to deal with showings, cleaning, inspections, appraisals, and negotiations. Why should a seller put in so much effort even before their home is on the market? The answer is quite simple. It drives a higher sale price for you. Buyers find it appealing when a home is clean, appealing, and in excellent condition. A well-prepped home sells for more than a home in a less desirable state. When homes are presented for sale in top shape, buyers know they will not need to put in a ton of work upon moving in. Here are some ways to prep your home for sale.

#1. Complete Necessary Repairs


Making any necessary large-scale repairs to your home should be the first step. Some things to look out for that may need repairs are roofing, flooring, windows, plumbing issues, or fixtures. A pre-listing home inspection can be used if you are not sure what needs to be repaired or want to make sure you are extra thorough. The examination is a comprehensive inspection of your home that will list a detailed report of any defects found.

#2. Declutter and Minimize


Your next step in prepping your home for sale should be to declutter and minimize the stuff around your home. Go through your closets, cabinets, and drawers. Please get rid of anything you do not need by donating it. After, make sure to depersonalize your home. This includes removing any personal photos, bold décor, artwork, and excessive amounts of furniture. Put all this stuff in storage until you are ready to move. Doing so is essential because the more spacious your house looks, the better it appeals to potential buyers.

#3. Repaint and Touch Up

You also want to freshen up your walls when prepping your home. Go to each room and if there are any bold or bright colors, make sure to buy some white or eggshell paint and cover it. If the hues of the bold or bright colors are dark, you may need some primer as well. Also, look for any areas that are dirty or smudged. Touch up these areas with some paint to get rid of the defects. Spots to pay attention to for this include baseboards, window sills, door frames, and doors. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in allowing your home to look clean.

#4. Improve Your Curb Appeal


Go outside and observe your home’s exterior. It may need some sprucing up if it looks messy or boring. First, make sure to mow, edge, and trim your whole property. You should also weed the garden if you have one. Some other things you may want to do to improve curb appeal include the following:

  • Repaint the front door.
  • Get a new welcome mat.
  • Have some flowers planted.
  • Hang some plants.
  • Install a new doorknob.
  • Upgrade the garage door.
  • Upgrade the mailbox.

#5. Clean Your Entire Home from Top to Bottom


It is time to deep clean your entire home when all the stuff outside is done. If you are willing to spend the money, you can look into booking a professional cleaner. They will be incredibly detailed when cleaning the home, including scrubbing grout and hand cleaning baseboards. However, doing the cleaning yourself is just as important. Just make sure you are thorough. Clean appliances both inside and out. Also, clean inside cabinets, drawers, and closets. Even though these places are not on display, buyers will look in these areas when examining the property.

#6. Add Little Details for Final Touches


Lastly, it is time for the final touches when completing the process of prepping your home for sale. Adding these little details may include fresh flowers in various rooms, a door wreath, and a friendly welcome mat. This helps to make buyers feel welcome. Setting your kitchen table may be another thing you might want to do right before a showing. This includes using a table runner, a full set of dishes, and cloth napkins.


It is crucial that you prep your home for sale. Some people may dread the process, but it is vital and essential to making a sale. It also is good for the value of your home. If you are confused about where to start, you can also talk to your real estate agent. They have seen countless numbers of home and know what it takes for a house to sell.

Date: December 10, 2020
Author: Crystal Kleinows

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